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Sycomore AM's answers to comply with the requirements of the "Article 173"

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Sycomore AM comprehensively describes its approach to meet the requirements of Article 173 of the law governing Energy Transition for Green Growth in its 2016 report. Explanations.

At Sycomore AM, we are convinced that value creation is only sustainable if it is shared by all company stakeholders. Identifying this value beyond figures alone, detecting shifts in paradigm, are challenges which face us each day in a constantly changing world.

Extra-financial criteria have always been included in our proprietary research tool, and in-depth ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) analysis is applied to all our long only and credit funds. As SRI managers, we not only aim to generate a long-term regular performance, but also inform our customers of the impact of their investments. In short, we strive to give meaning to our customers’ investments by creating sustainable value.

We believe that Article 173 of the law governing Energy Transition for Green Growth is an excellent opportunity for France and the Paris financial centre to improve in terms of transparency and impact.

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Insight On site - Maisons du Monde

With Insight On Site, walk in the footsteps of our fund managers and their on-site visits. This first edition sheds light on Maisons Du Monde and its new warehouse near Marseille. Sycomore AM has invested in Maisons Du Monde since its IPO in May 2016.Leggere

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