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SPICE: Sustainable Performance in Challenging Environments

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Through the illustration of Tarkett, find out each of the aspects examined by our SPICE investment methodology in the 2016 first edition of our Responsible Way. Read also the standpoint of Geneviève Férone-Creuzet, CEO and cofounder of Casabee.

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The fundamental rationale or “raison d'être” of a company is to address people’s needs. Profits are only generated as a result of its business.

For the American philosopher Ed Freeman, who came up with the Stakeholder Theory in the 1980s, the satisfaction of clients, employees or civil society needn’t be incompatible with the drive to deliver shareholder returns.
In the event of apparent conflict, it is possible to find a compromise - a third way.

These are the foundations of the theory that has inspired social responsibility or sustainable development strategies in the companies in which we invest today.

Many of them have initiated a formal dialogue process with their stakeholders and developed a materiality matrix that is now published in their CSR reports.

As sustainable investors, our objective is to meet our clients’ performance requirements through meaningful and purposeful investments.

At Sycomore AM, we believe that a company can only create sustainable value if this value is shared by all stakeholders.

As sustainable investors, our objective is to meet our clients’ performance requirements through meaningful and purposeful investments.

Our Sycomore Happy@Work and Sycomore Éco Solutions funds, launched in 2015, are the product of this thought process which we began several years ago: the employees, civil society, suppliers, environment and clients of a given company are put through a specific analysis process driven by our proprietary research model. Our assessment of how the company manages potential risks or opportunities in relation to these stakeholders has an impact on our valuation levels.

We call this analysis process SPICE – as in “Suppliers, Society and State, People, Investors, Clients and Environment” or as “Sustainable Performance in Challenging Environments”.

Download the 2016 first edition of our Responsible Way in pdf

Our Publications

Happy at Work: Human Capital at the heart of value creation

Read the column by Bertille Presta, co-manager of the Happy@Work fund, and our interview with Anne-Sophie Godon, Innovation Director, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Malakoff Médéric, in this edition of our Responsible Way dedicated to well-being at work.Leggere

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