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Sycomore launches human capital fund: Happy at Work

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For the Happy at Work fund, human capital is a key driver of sustainable value and performance

Recognised for its innovative SRI approach, Sycomore AM is reinforcing its SRI range with a fund focused on human capital, Sycomore Happy at Work.
For Christine Kolb, founding partner and head of business development, “We live in a world which puts innovation at the heart of company performance; and we are repositioning human capital as a key element in the creation of sustainable value”.

A contented employee is more efficient and creative

Cyril Charlot, founding partner and manager of the Sycomore Happy at Work Fund, added: “We have identified three dimensions which promote professional fulfilment and are the hallmarks of sustainable performance: the quality of work life, motivation and empowerment. They improve an employee’s engagement and help drive productivity. A contented employee is more efficient and creative and feels more involved.”

An analysis fueled by groundwork and on-site visits

The investment team will harness performance indicators that already feature in its proprietary ESG research tool and complete its analysis with innovative channels that will include field surveys to help assess employee satisfaction levels.

Sycomore AM’s SRI strategy has 4 open-ended funds with more than EUR 600 M under management, making us one of France’s leading SRI investment firms.

Sycomore Happy at Work

Inception date July 6 2015
ISIN code ("Institutional" share) FR0012767143
Fund type French FCP (fonds commun de placement)
Currency EUR
Front load charge Maximum 10%
Minimum investment 1 share
Fixed Management fees 1%
Performance fees 20% > returns from the Eurostoxx TR index

Download our press release on our Happy@Work fund

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Happy at Work: Human Capital at the heart of value creation

Read the column by Bertille Presta, co-manager of the Happy@Work fund, and our interview with Anne-Sophie Godon, Innovation Director, Head of Strategy and Marketing at Malakoff Médéric, in this edition of our Responsible Way dedicated to well-being at work.Leggere

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